Bearhawk Builder Map

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Send an email to with your name, town, type of airplane (Bearhawk 4-Place, Bearhawk Patrol, or Bearhawk LSA), type of construction (quick-build kit, scratch built, combination), contact info (if you wish), and whether or not you are interested in having visitors. Keep in mind that any information that you send will be public.

It may take a few days for your information to be on the map. For now the process is manual, perhaps in the future the map will automatically show your location.

Blue Markers: Bearhawk 4-Place Kits
Red Markers: Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch-build
Yellow Markers: Bearhawk 4-place Mix
Blue Pushpins: Bearhawk Patrol Kits
Red Pushpins: Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Build
Yellow Pushpins: Bearhawk Patrol Mix
Blue Circles: Bearhawk LSA Kits
Red Circles: Bearhawk LSA Scratch-build
Yellow Circles: Bearhawk LSA Mix

Hiking People: Bearhawk Companion

Stars: Bearhawk Five

Airplane: completed and flying Bearhawk or Patrol